CERT enthusiasts volunteer to teach local high school students

Several CERT trainers, multiple CERT enthusiasts, and many more people of our community who are all concerned about being prepared all come together to make sure our message is heard by Templeton High School students.  On September 28th, during two forty-minute class periods, the students will get to hear and participate in several disaster-preparedness discussions, drills, and exercises.

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Additional details will be added in the comments below as more information becomes available.

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  1. The CERT presentation at the Templeton High School will not be a “hands on” presentation but rather we will be introducing CERT to the students and the role that CERT plays in our community. The goal as directed by the class teacher is to talk about careers in this field. We will however be showing the students basic fire suppression methods “P.A.S.S.” ; How to shut off a gas meter in extreme emergency only; and how to safely de-energize an electrical breaker panel. We will set up four separate stations and answer questions students have:

    #1 station – Jim Fritsche discusses working in the emergency response field as a career and how CERT can be a stepping stone in the right direction. Fire Academy’s generally require a (20) hour CERT class be completed as part of the application process. The focus is career planning for the students.

    #2 station – Residential gas meter shut off demonstration

    #3 station – Residential electrical panel demonstration

    #4 station – Fire extinguisher “P.A.S.S.” demonstration

    Mark J. Russo Sr.
    San Luis Obispo Regional CERT Instructor

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