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How do I join?

Unfortunately, an Individual does not join the San Luis Obispo Regional CERT.  Of course, we encourage you to join a CERT organization in your home community.

However…  anyone can participate in this website.  Just create an account and get access to a ton of information.

Who can join then?

Any FEMA recognized CERT organization within the County of San Luis Obispo.

What do you guys do?

Our primary job is to help local CERT organizations be utilized to their fullest capabilities.  We work with every agency within the County to make sure they know about your team.  We also work with your local CERT organization by potentially providing funding, training, and/or other resources.

What if there is no CERT organization where I live?

We are always looking for people to create more CERT organizations.  Yes, we can help you do that!

What does it take to form a CERT organization?

FEMA defines what it takes to form a CERT organization.  Just head to their website for all the details.  Of course, you may want to search through our forums.  You may even find someone to create a local CERT organization with you.

How do I login on this website?

On most pages, unless you are currently logged in, there should be a login form on the right side.  If you do not see the login form (and you are not currently logged in), go to the home page and the login form should appear.

How do I create an account on this website?

At the top of this page there is a link that says, “Create an account“.  Once you fill in all the information requested, this website will email you an activation link.  If you cannot find the email, please check your spam folder.  This activation process allows us to verify you are a real person.  Once activated, you may login using the login form found on the right side of most pages.

What does it mean by “This field can be seen by: Everyone” when I create an account?

We like to be completely truthful and upfront.  As a result, we felt this wording made sure that people would quickly realize that their name could appear publicly on this site.

Basically, there are times when your name can be seen by people who are not currently logged in (i.e. the general public / someone who does not have an account).  This can occur if you were to create a discussion (or reply to a topic) that could be viewed by a user who is not logged in.  In this case, the site will list your name next to your post/discussion/comment.

You cannot change this setting as we require that everything be associated with the person who said it.  If you are worried that your name will be visible, please do not participate in any public discussion.  Of course, you can log out and see if a particular item is visible before posting.  However, we cannot guarantee that the status of any discussion will remain private over the life of this site.

Alternatively, you might notice that some of the other profile fields say, “This field can be seen by: All Members”.  This does accurately verify that only currently logged in users will be able to view this information.  You may adjust these by clicking “Profile Visibility” in your account settings.

I forgot my password and I cannot find a way to reset it!

To keep our interface as simple as possible, we only show the password recovery stuff after you have attempted to login.  Go ahead and use what you think your password might be, you might surprise yourself and actually login.  If it does not work, there is a password recovery link on the next page.

I forgot my username!

No worries, when we ask you for a username during signup, we also asked you for your email address.  Go ahead and use  your email address in place of your username.  Either one will allow you to login.

I have entered a wrong password too many times!

It’s okay, try again later.  Depending on how many times you entered it incorrectly, you may need to wait as little as 5 minutes and as much as 24 hours.