Officer’s Meeting Minutes for November 13, 2017

Present: Lonny Rollins, Chris Noffz, John Rickwald, Lori Mozden. Absent: Craig Ufferheide, Bob Newman, Janet Aurther

Guest Introductions:  Clarice Knupper, Daphanie Forrest, and David Forrest

Review/Approve Minutes: October’s meeting minutes were reviewed and approved by unanimous consent.


  • Chris Noffz reviewed “Giving Tuesday” an annual global giving moment the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. It is one way for non-profits to showcase their efforts and impact to capture year-end tax deductible donations via Social Media campaigns. The group liked the idea as one of our fund-raising strategies for 2018. Lonnie suggested we create a sub-group to spear head it during August of 2018 and he will put it on our web-calendar.
  • John Rickwald provided an update on entering his CERT truck in the Paso Robles holiday parade to gain exposure for CERT.
  • John Rickwald will be attending a Kiwanis Club meeting on January 4, 2018 to provide them an overview of CERT.
  • John Rickwald reminded the group that Jim Fritchi has provided many donations to CERT and he would like a 1099-MISC provided to him in the amount of $3,500. Lonny will contact the Sherriff’s Foundation to see about having this issued.

Old Business:

  • South County CERT Update
  • Is needing FEMA training
  • A goal was created to start the new CERT in the first quarter of 2018
  • Lori Mozden suggested we initiate a meeting of all those interested in training so a train-the-trainer individual(s) can be identified and scheduled for training.
  • A “Save the Date” email notification will be sent to this group for a meeting on January 17 at 6:00 PM. Email will be sent on December 11 and a reminder on January 8.
  • Annual Meeting After Action Review
  • Next year we will send out a publicity notices to local media branches and ask KSBY to attend our annual meeting.
  • Ask a photographer to document the meeting – Lonny Rollins said that Peter Boonisar offered his services next year. His contact information is: 805-466-5577 (

New Business:

  • Nominations for Executive Staff positions – Chris Noffz, Lori Mozden, and Chief Steve Knuckles stated they would run again. Clarice Knupper and David Forrest self-nominated. A secret ballot was held and the following were elected: Chief Steve Knuckles, Chris Noffz, and Lori Mozden for two-year terms.
  • Lonny Rollins shared the Board of Directors had their first meeting during our annual meeting in October. He will reach out to them by email to discuss their need to appoint themselves to roles/positions.

Meeting Adjourned: 4:55 PM

Next Meeting:

December’s meeting is postponed to January 8, 2018 3:30 PM @ CalFire Expanded Dispatch



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