Officer’s Meeting Minutes for January 8, 2018

Submitted: January 9, 2018 by Claryce Knupper

Present: Claryce Knupper, Bob Newman, John Rickwald, Lonny Rollins, Craig Ufferheide

Guest Introductions:  Stewart Roth, PGE Senior Public Safety Specialist

Review/Approve Minutes: November’s meeting minutes were reviewed and approved by unanimous consent. No meeting occurred for December, 2017.


  • Stewart “Stew” Roth shared that he is the new PGE representative (replacing Jeff Kesley who now covers the Fresno area). Stew announced that he is available to provide 1-hr presentations as a component of the CERT training as well as training props. In addition, he passed out “Handling Gas and Electric Emergencies” booklet which he will make available for the training classes. Stew stated he has 28-years’ experience as a firefighter and established the Monterey CERT group.
  • Bob Newman announced that Sandra Millers Younger, author and fire survivor, will present a 90-minute interactive talk on her experience and learning on preparedness and recovery (physical, economic and emotional) from wildfire (and other disasters). This presentation will be opened to the public and is tentatively set for January 31, 2018.
  • Lonny Rollins stated that he and Claryce Knupper will work together to enhance and expand the current email broadcast program in order to communicate training and safety efforts on a countywide basis. Bob suggested all CERT groups utilize the SLO Regional email program which would allow for one master list of email addresses.

Old Business:

  • Lonny Rollins and Craig Ufferheide agreed to review the “Giving Tuesday” email for “Save the Date.”
  • South County CERT Update: Claryce Knupper reported that she has an appointment with Fire Chief Steve Lieberman to discuss implementing a South County CERT Group. Lonny Rollins requested that he and Michael Kurt join Claryce Knupper at the meeting. To accommodate the additional attendees, the meeting has been rescheduled to Friday, February 2, 2018 at 10:00 AM, 140 Traffic Way, Arroyo Grande.
  • Train the Trainers update: it was determined additional research was required prior to making the commitment to bring a trainer out from Maryland to run the program. Craig Ufferheide indicated the need for Program Manager Training as well.

New Business:

  • John Rickwald requested dates the CERT truck would be needed for scheduling purposes.
  • Lonny Rollins requested budget and inventory needs to replenish the CERT trailers on behalf the Sheriff Ian Parkinson. Bob Newman and Craig Ufferheide agreed to determine the number and location of trailers throughout the county in addition to their respective budget and inventory needs. Lonny Rollins agreed to call Under Sheriff, Tim Olivas to confirm the amount of funding available for San Luis Obispo Regional CERT through the annual PGE grant. The goal is to respond to the Sheriff no later than the end of February.
  • Following a brief discussion, it was determined to obtain mobile coverage via packet radios for each trailer by end of 2019.
  • Craig Ufferheide shared the importance that each trailer have liability insurance. It was determined that additional research was required to confirm each trailer had coverage.
  • Following a discussion regarding the necessity and availability of Disaster Service Worker insurance for all CERT volunteers, Bob Newman agreed to contact Robert Lewis to determine next steps in obtaining insurance through San Luis Obispo County.

Meeting Adjourned: 5:05 PM

Next Meeting: February 12, 2018 3:30 PM @ CalFire Expanded Dispatch

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