Officer’s Meeting Minutes for February 12, 2018

Called to order at 3:40 PM

  • Introductions – we all know each other
  • Review / Approve minutes – Corrections:
    • Announcements/Involvements – bullet point #3 – Last sentence should be “Bob suggested all CERT groups…..”
    • New Business, bullet point #1, “John Rickwald requested dates…..”
  • Announcements / Involvements
    • John wants to reach out to Newcomers Groups
    • John announced The CERT truck was in the Paso Robles Christmas light parade and got first place in Firetruck division.
    • All of the decals are now on the truck
    • John has an upcoming Kiwanis Meeting
    • Claryce will reach out to the organizers of the Preparedness Expo at the Alex Madonna Expo Center on Sat., March 10 and ask for a booth with 2 tables, and let them
    • Claryce and Michael Turk will make a presentation to the B.C.s at 5-Cities F.A. next week.
  • Correspondence – Nothing to report
  • Current business
    • Expansion of services
      • New South County CERT – Claryce gave an update on meeting with Chief Lieberman, 5-Cities Fire Authority. Chief Lieberman was encouraging about starting a South County CERT after speaking with Claryce and Michael Turk and asked them to come back to speak with the B.C.s. Claryce has prepared a document which she will present at the next B.C. meeting on Monday.
      • Train the trainers planning
      • Mobile coverage via packet radio
    • Communications
      • Email broadcasts – Claryce will push out the information from the email list
    • Equipment
      • Create a trailer restock plan – Bob & Craig each has an inventory list.
      • What to do with the plan will be tabled to the next meeting in March
      • Outfit existing trailers? – Tabled to the next meeting
    • Documentation
      • Review Initial Policies – Chris is doing the policies; Lonny will be meeting with her later this week to draft after the changes that were made
      • Application for local programs to join – same as above
  • New Business
    • CERT National conference? – Craig has brought up; tabled to New Business next month.
    • Tax Filing – Lonny meeting with Bob next month to discuss; $800 has to be paid every year, it is due in March; if we are approved, it will be reduced to $0, we need to be tax-exempt for this. Lonny working with Bob and will submit the taxes with the $800 and resubmit the tax-exempt paperwork. Once approved, we can request the $800 be returned too.
  • Next Meetings
    • Officer’s Meeting – 3/12/2018 at 3:30 in the Cal Fire expanded dispatch center

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