Officer’s Meeting Minutes for March 12, 2018

Called to order at 3:31 PM


Lonny Rollins, John Rickwald, and Lori Mozden


Lonny introduced Sonny Lopez he is an officer with the Grover Beach Police Department who is also a part-time instructor for CERT at Allan Hancock College teaching CPR and BLS. Sonny Lopez expressed his willingness to help set up a CERT program in the south county. Sonny said he is also interested in obtaining his train the trainer certification.

Review / Approve minutes

No corrections, approved by unanimous consent by Rollins.

Announcements / Involvements

San Luis Regional Cert participated in the annual SLO Emergency EXPO the event was poorly attended by the public and there was very little advertising of the event. If the event is held next year San Luis Obispo Regional CERT would like to be more actively involved in getting the word out. Participation from our Regional CERT was wonderful we had three areas that were set up to inform the public including the CERT truck that John Rickwald put together.


An email from Robert Lewis was received regarding “Sound the Alarm” to promote CERT from April 28 to May 13th.

A voicemail from Randy Martin was received he has a training location for up to 35 people in South County to offer. Lonny introduced Randy to South County CERT via email.

Current business

Expansion of services: Would like to add a North County CERT.

New South County CERT: Lonny reported they met with Five Cities Fire Chief Steve Leiberman and he is a bit hesitant about the responsibility of sponsoring a CERT program. The next step was to present it to the five Cities Fire Chiefs group, however, no date has been set. A sponsor is needed to form South County CERT program. Sonny Lopez suggested contacting Grover Beach Police Chief John Peter as he is very supportive of having CERT train citizens in his community.

Train the trainers planning: Craig and Bob Lewis are working on putting together a class.

Mobile coverage via packet radio: Defer discussion until next meeting.


Email broadcasts: Briefly discussed newsletters, deferred until next meeting when Bob from Estero Bay Cert and Craig from Cambria Cert are present. Lonny’s goal he would like to set a date that he, Claryce and Lori can get together to discuss putting together email broadcasting and newsletters.


Create a trailer restock plan: Lonny would like to have a plan for regular ongoing restocking of the trailers. The trailers in use have excellent inventory records. Lonny suggested setting up a year-round fundraising program. Lonny said he has a friend that can sell some item where a portion of the proceeds goes towards restocking the cert trailers. Anyone have suggestions for a product to sell?

Outfit existing trailers: The Sherriff’s Association received some funds from PG &E and has earmarked some funds for outfitting cert trailers.


Tax Filing: Lonny said he received a notice that the tax filing due date is March 15th we are applying for a non-profit status; however we must pay the $800 estimated tax. Due to time constraints Lonny will pay this out of pocket and submit a receipt for reimbursement.

Review Initial Policies and Application for local programs to join: Item deferred Lonny has a meeting with Chris Noffz to discuss this item.

New Business

CERT National conference: Item deferred.

Next Meeting

Officer’s Meeting – 4/9/2018 at 3:30 in the Cal Fire expanded dispatch center

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