Board Meeting Minutes for June 11, 2018


  • Introductions
  • Last year’s goals
    • Establish organization
    • Outreach to community
  • Current goals
    • Create at least 1 new CERT program
    • Outreach to potential sponsors
  • Current tasks
    • DSWVP
    • Train trainers
  • Election of the director
  • Next meeting

Those present

  • Scott Jalbert
  • Ian Parkinson
  • Robert Lewis
  • Lonny Rollins

Last year’s goals

Establish the organization

We were able to establish the San Luis Obispo Regional CERT as a California nonprofit corporation

Outreach to community

We realized that we needed to tell people that we are here.  We had booths (and the truck) at every public event we could.  We received hundreds of email addresses from people who wanted to get CERT training and/or get more involved with CERT

Current goals

Create at least 1 new CERT program

We are actively working with a group in the Five Cities area to form a new CERT program there.  The next location is already identified, North County (or individually Paso Robles / Atascadero).

Outreach to potential sponsors

FEMA requires each CERT program to have a designated sponsor.  A sponsoring organization can be a Police station, Fire department, Ambulance service, or any agency identified as a first responder.

We are actively working with Five Cities Fire and Pismo PD to become the sponsoring organization for the Five Cities CERT program.

We are also reaching out to the Police Chiefs, Fire Chiefs, and City Managers so we can make a small presentation at their monthly meetings.  Additionally, we will do the same at VOAD, Red Cross, and CSD meetings this year.

Current tasks

In pursuing our goals for this year, we quickly identified two potential roadblocks.  First, everyone is concerned about liability. Second, we only have a handful or CERT certified trainers.


Santa Barbara County recently recognized the state’s new Disaster Service Worker – Volunteer Program (DSW-VP).  We have reached out to them and received all of their documentation. We recognize the differences between our counties but also realize that we can use this information to get this accomplished as soon as possible.

The Board will need to help the Officers finalize this in the next 2 to 4 months.

Train trainers

We have received contact information from approximately 40 people who would like to become CERT certified trainers.  We feel that we could get strong commitments from at least 15 of them. Our understanding is that this number is sufficient to get a training class scheduled in our county instead of these people needing to travel.

The Board will need to help the Officers get this accomplished.

Election of the director

Ian Parkinson nominated Scott Jalbert and Bob Lewis seconded.  Scott accepted the nomination and was unanimously elected as the director.

Next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled to coincide with the Regional CERT’s yearly public forum.

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