Officer’s Meeting Minutes for May 14, 2018

Called to order at 3:35 PM

Note: Because the officers recognize the urgency of the two items listed below they have decided to partake from their normal agenda and spend half the time on item one and the other half on item two.

Santa Barbara County DSWV SOG

  • Lonny reviewed the DSWV SOG from Rob Lewin
  • There was a discussion about how we can implement a similar document in San Luis Obispo County and who the initial meeting should include
  • Action items
    • Chief Knuckles will review the SOG and speak with Rob Lewin and report at next meeting
    • Bob will convert/rewrite the document to San Luis Obispo County
    • Chief Knuckles will look into the SB resolution
    • Lonny will alert Chief Jalbert and Sheriff Parkinson that we will need their help
    • Lonny will get on Police, Fire, VOAD, and CM agencies agendas in 3-4 months

Training Trainers

  • There was a discussion about setting up a train the trainer meeting
  • We have 2 mailing lists that can be used to contact potential trainers
  • Action items
    • Claryce will draft a letter and form
    • Lori will import most recent signup sheets into CERT mailing list
    • Lonny will send out the letter and from to CERT mailing list

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