Officer’s Meeting Minutes for January 15, 2019

Called to order at 3:40 PM with Lori Mozden, John Rickwald, Lonny Rollins, Janet Arthur, Michele Lauffer, Claryce Knupper, and Virginia Miyamoto in attendance.

  • Review and Approved minutes from the previous meeting
  • Announcements / Involvements
    • None
  • Correspondence
    • Lonny has been responding to several emails and phone calls regarding the upcoming Annual Meeting
    • Lonny has also been getting inquiries regarding training
  • Current business
    • Train the Trainer courses
      • Very successful and better than they had hoped for
      • Lonny needs names for the pictures
      • We now have 26 more who are qualified to train the trainer, which was the goal
      • We would like to put together a plan for future training and set up a schedule for 3-4
    • South County CERT
      • Claryce registered with FEMA
      • Not able to do the first meeting until March
      • The first official South County CERT is now officially formed
    • DSW-V
      • Will be countywide
      • Liability insurance for training
      • Still need to sign the waivers
  • New Business
    • Election Results – Virginia is appointed as a new officer
    • Discussion about the Lake Nacimiento CERT
    • Discussion about the Annual Meeting Planning
  • Action Items
    • Janet will speak with Chief Jalbert about another CERT team at Lake Nacimiento; set up a meeting with Virginia.
    • Janet will pick up the key to the Vets Hall; contact Starbucks about donating coffee for the annual meeting; send the press release to law enforcement, County CEO Wade Horton, and Assemblyman Cunningham’s office; and bring name tags.
    • Lonny will pick up small water bottles from Costco/Smart & Final; bring fliers from FEMA; laptop and slideshow, and bring Forms:
      • Sign-in sheet with “Annual Meeting” in the header
      • I want to get trained
      • I want to be a trainer
      • I want to help fundraise/I want to donate
    • John will bring Existing FEMA handouts; Business cards; and Tables, tablecloths, signs
    • Lori will bring Nametags and Pens for signing in
    • Claryce will bring linens for the coffee table
    • Bob will bring the projector and extension cord
  • Next Meetings
    • Officer’s Meeting – 2/11/2019 at 3:30 in the Cal Fire expanded dispatch center

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