Officer’s Meeting Minutes for February 11, 2019

Called to order at 3:35 PM with Bob Newman, Claryce Knupper, Virginia Miyamoto, Lori Mozden, John
Rickwald, Janet Arthur, Lonny Rollins, Craig Ufferheide in attendance.

  • Approval of Minutes
    • Approved by unanimous consent with one correction from Lori
  • Announcements / Involvements
    • This coming Saturday, 2/16, John will be doing a talk, 11:00-12:00 at the Atascadero Agricultural Hall, 5035 Palma, “Positive approach to preparedness”, $5 donation
    • John did a seminar at the Main Street Association in Paso Robles
    • April 29, Craig will be doing another CERT basic training, in Cambria
    • Craig had met with the San Simeon group trying to set up a course in Cayucos, “surviving a disaster”
  • Correspondence
    • Tabled in the interest of time
  • Current business
    • Annual Meeting – Q & A very active; very well attended; Joe Guzzardi, the new County OES, is very supportive; Chief Aggson wants SLO City to have an active team
    • South County CERT – Suu Va (from Cal Volunteers) said that it has been approved and that it will be mailed to CAL FIRE address
    • North County CERT – Registered under Jim Frische. Craig sent it off to Jim, but it got bounced back; put SLO Regional CERT as a contact. He is not sure he will be able to get into the site to do a reset. Cindy from Estero Bay was asking about the Teen CERT; has to be picked up by the schools. Craig went to a cadet group at Camp San Luis Obispo; Monterey has a regional CERT
    • CAL FIRE CERT sponsorship – Craig, Claryce and Virginia met with Chief Jalbert last week to get a grip on the ground rules and how to apply them. Chief Jalbert is sensitive to where the CERT is positioned because of the jurisdictional boundaries of other districts, and where they may be overlap. Expect to go forward with an MOU; if only covered by CAL FIRE, it is more
      clean. Jurisdiction is sensitive; he asked us to do the leg works.
    • DSW-V – Chief Jalbert wants to get this done before moving forward; we want DSW-V for training, exercises, and deployment. Talk with Joe from County OES to talk about DSW and see what his thoughts are.
  • New Business
    • Lonny asked if he should ask the sheriff now about potentially managing the ID cards/background checks.  It was agreed that we should wait.
    • A discussion about moving the trailers to more active locations was conducted and will be further discussed
    • County Funds – Lonny wants to contact Lynn Compton and see if we can get
      county funding toward training
    • Trainer’s kickoff meeting – Lonny would like to schedule a meeting in a couple of months for all who attended the TTT to discuss scheduling the training
    • Taxes – Lonny needs to provide a report to the state including what is being done, they want in-kind donations; hours, etc.
  • Action Items
    • Lonny will call to inquire about getting a spot on the Dave Congalton show
      sometime next year
    • Janet will Follow up on the letter from Suu Va
    • Janet will locate jurisdiction map
    • Janet will follow up with Chief Jalbert’s discussion with the county chiefs
    • Lonny to make an appointment to meet with Joe from County OES
    • Claryce will update and resend the CERT brochure in PDF
  • Next Meetings
    • Officer’s Meeting – 3/11/2019 at 3:30 in the Cal Fire expanded dispatch center

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