Officer’s Meeting Minutes for April 8, 2019


Attendance: Janet Arthur, Lonny Rollins, Craig Ufferheide, Jorge Rodriguez, Don Dunkle, Bob Putney, Michele Partridge, Virginia Miyamoto, Lori Mozden, Stephanie Ponti, John Rickwald, Claryce Knupper, Chief Knuckles

Approval of Minutes

Correction: Under Announcements: Next meeting is in Cambria April 29.
Approved by unanimous consent with changes


Inquiry from Don Dunkle, who is in attendance at today’s meeting

Activities / Announcements

  • Regional CERT, South County CERT, North County CERT, and Lake Nacimiento CERT have been officially recognized at CERT programs by FEMA and Cal Volunteers.
  • Conference – Claryce, Virginia and Stephanie are going to the CERT National Conference in San Diego, May 30 – June 3.
  • John is attending an event in Shandon on April 20
  • Wildfire Preparedness at Heritage Ranch will be May 11 from 10:00 – 3:00.
  • Claryce is meeting with Jocelyn from the Arroyo Grande Chamber of Commerce on April 16, to discuss training for businesses.
  • Cambria is having a Search & Rescue in Community Disasters class sponsored by FEMA on the May 15, from 1:00 – 5:00 and May 16, from 8:00 – 5:00. It is open to anyone in the community

Current Business

  • New CERT Programs
  • Sponsorship update
    • Cal Fire CERT Coordinator, Captain Michele Partridge
    • Her involvement with SLO Regional CERT will be defined after she
      meets with Chief Jalbert.
  • DSW-V / Liability coverage
    • After last month’s meeting, Lonny wanted to clarify what is covered
      and liability. He summarized.
    • Jorge clarified, that everything that is done needs to meet the criteria of
      County OES. There is not an ordinance that specifies how DSW’s
      piece of how they will qualify and be deployed.
    • An ordinance needs to be created and brought before the BOS
  • CERT Conference – May 30 through June 3 in San Diego
  • Tax exemption status
    • The state wants a dollar value given for time that everyone involved
      has spent.
    • Lonny has asked Bob to help with coming up with a figure.

New Business

  • Review of donations procedure / Sheriff’s Advisory Foundation roles – tabled to next meeting
  • Brochure
    • Claryce shared the new updated brochure.
    • There was a discussion about logos on the brochure.
    • Chief Knuckles will inquire at the next County Chiefs meeting if they would like to have the county chiefs logo.
  • Claryce was contacted by someone who puts out a county newsletter, asking if we want info about us to go in the newsletter.
  • Upcoming CERT grant Request for Application (RFA)
    • Applying for grants for Cal Volunteers. Several grants are available to us. Spend and get reimbursed. Submit an invoice directly to them.
    • One of the requirements is that we have insurance. There was a discussion about specifics. Lonny will discuss with the SO if they would be the sponsor.
  • Claryce would like to work on a news release regarding updating about SLO Regional CERT.

Action Items

  • Jorge will discuss the ordinance with Joe
  • Bob and Lonny will work on dollar value for the state
  • Chief Knuckles will ask the FCASLO if they want their logo on the brochure
  • Lonny will contact SO about sponsoring for the RFA

Next Meeting

May 13th, 2019

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