Officer’s Meeting Minutes for July 8, 2019


Attendance: Lonny Rollins, Jorge Rodriguez, Michele Partridge, Lori Mozden, John Rickwald, Claryce Knupper, & Bob Neumann

Guest: Bob Kliman

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from the June meeting were not available.  They will be approved at a future meeting as they become available.


Lonny has completed the application for a grant of $10,000 from PG&E and has received notice that the application has been approved for the first phase of processing. Discussion followed on the grant requirements. Lonny requested assistance on the next phase of the grant process and Bob Neumann and John Rickwald agreed to assist.

Activities / Announcements

  • John is will be the guest speaker on radio station KPRL next week – highlighting CERT
  • Claryce has been working/meeting with Jocelyn from the Arroyo Grande Chamber of Commerce.
    • They have established a CERT training for businesses to be held on September 23.

Current Business

  • Grant update – Stephanie was successful and has been awarded a grant of over $ 30,000 for the new North County CERT program. Cambria was denied.
    • Lonny & Claryce report that not all the funds were expended and that the process may re-open.
  • New CERT Programs – North County CERT is in need of support.
  • Cal Fire CERT Coordinator, Captain Michele Partridge, and Claryce are meeting next week.
    • Claryce is hoping to get Chief Jalbert’s approval to base a South County CERT out of the Nipomo fire station.
  • Conference – Claryce, Virginia, and Stephanie attended the CERT National Conference in San Diego, May 30 – June 3.
    • A very positive learning experience.
    • On line CERT classes, a nationwide database (Merit) and getting new CERT programs off the ground were some of the more relevant topics.

New Business

  • Sherriff’s Family is September 14th.
    • Lonny is in need of some assistance in making it all come together.
  • Brochure
    • Claryce shared that the new updated brochure is ready for printing.
    • There was a discussion about logos on the brochure and it was decided to move forward without the County Fire Chiefs Assoc. logo.
  • Craig has suggested that we should put together handouts/”giveaways” when we are working public information booths.
    • He thinks “glow sticks” might work well. Further investigation is needed.
  • Jorge and Lonny report that the insurance issue is still unresolved but that work is progressing and will hopefully be resolved soon.
  • Claryce is working on taking over Mike Turk’s WEB site for use by South County CERT.
  • Claryce shared that census information is now available on the Census web site.
    • The information may be helpful in planning for evacuation and potential CERT class placement.
  • Review of donations procedure / Sheriff’s Advisory Foundation roles – tabled to next meeting
  • Review of budget procedures / Sheriff’s Advisory Foundation roles – tabled to next meeting.

Action Items

  • Lonny & Jorge will set up a meeting with Chief Jalbert and Joe Guzzardi
  • Bob and Lonny will work on a dollar value for the state (tax-exempt statute)
  • Bob will call Chief Bryson regarding Atascadero trailer
  • Lonny will get today’s guest in touch with Stephanie at North County CERT
  • Claryce will finalize brochure and Lonny will get them printed
  • Craig will put together an outline for what is needed for the booth giveaways
  • Establish the Sheriff’s Family Day committee

Next Meeting

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