Officer’s Meeting Minutes for August 12, 2019

Meeting started at 2:31

Special Guest Suu-Va Tai, who is the Director of Disaster Volunteering and Preparedness for the State of Califirnia spoke to the group about the future of CERT.  He covered topics and had a Q&A afterward.

  • The governor has allocated 50 million toward preparedness campaign. 10 million for the CERT
    program. All grant funding is reimbursement based. Next grant info will come out early next
  • Development of a national CERT. This will enable sharing with other states, leverage from other
    states, national conferences, etc. The National Association is to work with FEMA.
  • There will be two voted in members of each CERT region. Each region will have a FEMA person
    sitting on it. There will be a Newsletter, information sharing, forums, etc. Charter will be signed
    in September.
  • Upcoming changes at the FEMA level. A CERT program will need a Sponsoring agency, program
    manager, and volunteer coordinators. In CA going to have 16 TTT, 8 program manager programs
    and will be scheduled within the next year.
  • Suu-Va discussed Liability. When you hold training, you could be liable. Train and release liable
    during the class. There should always be at least 2 instructors in every class.
  • Crowd control module. There is no TTT for these classes.
  • Program manager – needs a name
  • Exercise in mutual aid
  • Training Materials – free training materials available.
  • They are considering On-line training and will be doing a piolet program and evaluate.


  • Regional CERT officers – Claryce Knupper, Janet Arthur, John Rickwald, Lori Mozden, Virginia Miyamoto, Bob Nuemann, Craig Ufferheid
  • Guests – John Spooner, Stephani Ponti, Bob Putney, Roy Dugger, Randy Harris, Jorge, Rodriguez

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