Officer’s Meeting Minutes for January 13, 2020

Present: Bob, Craig, John, Jorge, Lonny, Janet

Approval of Minutes


  • Quite a few emails
  • Discussion regarding PG&E grant-making sure all requirements were fulfilled.  Each one was $10,000.
    • Regional CERT received one
    • Cambria CERT received one
  • Nipomo HS request for help went to Claryce.


  • Upcoming training in Estero Bay, New CERT Basic, LISTOS Training
  • DSW Progress
  • Comm Equipment Availability
  • HAM Cram class, 1/18 and 7/18 at Sheriff Office
  • FFAM EMI Train the Trainer is June 11 and 12
  • June 11 and 12 is PM training at EMI

Current Business

  • Need to set a date for our annual meeting.
    • Janet will check into getting the Vets Hall for the week of February 24-27, and check the schedules for Chief Jalbert, Ian Parkinson, and Chief Rob Lewis.
  • North county grant awarded was $25,000.
  • There was a discussion about the grants.
    • Bob and Lonny will come up with a plan and get approval from the board. (How the money is spent, etc.)
  • Lonny discussed the finances and amounts in each section.
  • Bob discussed the New CERT basic training materials which are available.
    • He will go through the materials and see if there is anything that will need to be added for each class.
    • FEMA released updated CERT training materials in English and Spanish.
  • DSW Program
    • Another person is being added to OES that would be a coordinator, all-hazard planning,
      • If the board approves, will be recruiting soon

Other Business

  • Don Glaeckert wants to work with the DSW and CERT .
    • Jorge will contact him after Craig sends him the info.
  • Jorge discussed the FRS Comm equipment availability
    • Working with Midland to purchase for $30.
    • Jorge is going to ask the sheriff to use the grant money to purchase
  • Jorge mentioned that there are surplus supplies that may be helpful for practice in training classes (Gauze, triage tags, etc)


  • Bob made a motion that the logos (cal volunteers, FEMA, Cal OES, Sheriff, and the County Chiefs Association) be approved for the brochure. Craig seconded. All in favor, no opposes, so passes.
  • They will be ordered and ready for the annual meeting.

New Business

  • Stephanie wants to make sure that there is a bilingual CERT program in the county that will be ordered because it is part of her grant approval.
  • Stephanie wants to form a LISTO to solicit for individuals interested in taking a train the trainer program for bilinguals.
  • Lonny wants to come up with a plan to publish a quarterly newsletter to keep people engaged in CERT. Craig will ask someone he knows if she is interested in doing it.
    • Claryce has drafted one that Lonny shared. Hoping to get the first one done in April. Claryce will work on it.
  • Claryce did an update on South County. Launch date got pushed back. The website has been launched
  • VOAD meeting is Feb 19, 2-4:30 at the PGE on Ontario Rd

Next Meeting – February 10, 2020 at 3 pm

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