CERT Members Qualify For Vaccine Now

Yesterday, March 10th, the San Luis Obispo County has opened up vaccines to Emergency Services Workers within the county and this includes CERT members (regardless of age). To get your vaccine, register at recoverslo.org You will need to bring two forms of ID (Driver’s License and your CERT ID) See this County Press Release for … Read more

COVID-19 Vaccinations

The County’s Incident Management Team (IMT) has been assigned by our Public Health Official, Dr. Penny Borenstein to manage the delivery of what is estimated to be some 150,000 vaccinations to the SLO County Residents. Following Federal Guidelines the IMT has worked diligently the last couple of weeks to develop a plan, which Dr. Borenstein … Read more

Annual Meeting 2020 Announced

The San Luis Obispo Regional CERT has announced the date and location for its annual meeting. March 2nd, 2020 6:00 to 7:30 pm Sheriff’s Honor Farm Every year, the Regional CERT invites anyone interested in local disaster preparedness to come find out what is happening within the entire San Luis Obispo County.  Last year, they … Read more

Officer’s Meeting Minutes for August 12, 2019

Meeting started at 2:31 Special Guest Suu-Va Tai, who is the Director of Disaster Volunteering and Preparedness for the State of Califirnia spoke to the group about the future of CERT.  He covered topics and had a Q&A afterward. The governor has allocated 50 million toward preparedness campaign. 10 million for the CERTprogram. All grant … Read more

Officer’s Meeting Minutes for April 8, 2019

Introductions Attendance: Janet Arthur, Lonny Rollins, Craig Ufferheide, Jorge Rodriguez, Don Dunkle, Bob Putney, Michele Partridge, Virginia Miyamoto, Lori Mozden, Stephanie Ponti, John Rickwald, Claryce Knupper, Chief Knuckles Approval of Minutes Correction: Under Announcements: Next meeting is in Cambria April 29.Approved by unanimous consent with changes Correspondence Inquiry from Don Dunkle, who is in attendance … Read more

Officer’s Meeting Minutes for February 11, 2019

Called to order at 3:35 PM with Bob Newman, Claryce Knupper, Virginia Miyamoto, Lori Mozden, John Rickwald, Janet Arthur, Lonny Rollins, Craig Ufferheide in attendance. Approval of Minutes Approved by unanimous consent with one correction from Lori Announcements / Involvements This coming Saturday, 2/16, John will be doing a talk, 11:00-12:00 at the Atascadero Agricultural … Read more

Officer’s Meeting Minutes for January 15, 2019

Called to order at 3:40 PM with Lori Mozden, John Rickwald, Lonny Rollins, Janet Arthur, Michele Lauffer, Claryce Knupper, and Virginia Miyamoto in attendance. Review and Approved minutes from the previous meeting Announcements / Involvements None Correspondence Lonny has been responding to several emails and phone calls regarding the upcoming Annual Meeting Lonny has also … Read more

Officer Nominations 2018

Officer nominations are officially open.  Each 2-year term starts on January 1st.  A total of 9 officers volunteer their time and expertise to decide and implement the best way to support, promote, and maintain CERT programs within the county of San Luis Obispo. If you or someone you know wants to help CERT at the county … Read more