Congratulations Program Manager Graduates!

First, thank you to James Ceasar and  Yoli McGlinchey for teaching this class.  Without them, this could not have been possible.

The following people took time out of their busy schedules to attend the 2-day CERT Program Manager course which taught them how to best handle volunteers and how to develop effective and complete program plans.  This means that our County will be ready to handle any disaster with as little chaos as possible.

Congratulations to Bob Swain, Claryce Knupper, D. Keith Gurrola, Dave Wierenga, Edward Fleming, Jana Edwards, Jeff Kreps, Jim Mang, Jorge Rodriguez, Justin Haagen, Kristi Jenkins, Lainie Demicco, Lizzie Zuroski, Michael Baris, Michael Turk, Paula Loesche Robert Lewis, Robert Neumann, Sonny Lopez, Stewart Errico, Terii Richard, Thomas Wright, and Virginia Miyamoto.  They truly are an asset to our community.